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Harness the Power of the Sun

Don’t just save energy - create it! We are leaders in commercial and residential solar solutions. We are the Springfield area’s only full-service energy solutions company. In fact, we just completed the largest solar installation ever in Springfield!

Commercial Solar

We install complete solar systems for homes and businesses with no-money down options. Start producing your own energy today.

Residential Solar

ArrowPoint Solar offers customized solutions for every type of home. Our experienced staff will evaluate and choose the best option for you.


Pair your solar system up with a storage system. The price of batteries has significantly fallen within the last few years, allowing for an even greater opportunity to take advantage of a system in case the grid goes down.

Energy Consulting

With our many years of experience, we are experts at analyzing data from commercial and industrial facilities to determine the best course of action to maximize savings.

Generate your own power with no money down

Rebates, grants, and tax credits financing and funding options

Skilled and professional experienced staff

No maintenance maintenance-free solutions



“We are thrilled with our new solar system. ArrowPoint Solar walked us thru the process and kept it simple for us with no headaches. I would highly recommend them to anyone interested in going solar.” - Tammy R., homeowner; Springfield, MO

“We put solar on our commercial space and couldn’t be happier. We received a large federal grant and a tax credit and ArrowPoint advised us of all the financial benefits that come with solar.” - Dan M., commercial property owner; Muskogee, OK

“ArrowPoint Energy discussed with us not only solar, but other options to save us on our energy bill. They are the only ones that take a holistic approach to energy savings.” - Mark F., homeowner; Bentonville, AR




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4 Top Benefits of Going Solar

While we are passionate about solar energy, we understand why homeowners aren’t so sure about making the leap. Since it’s such a newer technology, it can be difficult for them to see the benefits of a solar energy system. To help people understand solar better, we thought we’d cover some of the top benefits of installing one of these systems.

Increased home value

There is evidence to support the fact that people will pay a premium for a solar home. One study in particular, conducted by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, showed that solar can, on average, increase the value of a home by about $15,000.

Reduced electricity bills

When it comes to powering your home, solar energy can be economical. In general, it can dramatically reduce your monthly electric bill. In fact, in some situations it can reduce your bill close to zero.

Environmentally friendly

More and more, families are looking for ways to live green and reduce their carbon footprint. Using solar energy is one way to do that because it’s one of the cleanest and more renewable forms of energy available.

Potential tax benefit

The federal solar tax credit, also referred to as the Investment Tax Credit (ITC), allows you to deduct a portion of the cost of installing solar in your home. This can help you recover a portion of the expense, while still receiving all of the benefits. Additionally, many utility companies have rebates that may help as well.

As you can see, a solar energy system can be beneficial for your home and your bank account. Learn more about solar energy for your home, or send us your question today