The Kitchen, Inc.

About Us

The Kitchen, Inc. fosters stability and purpose in the lives of individuals and families through dignity, compassion and accountability. Within our diverse community of connected services, we offer resources to meet immediate needs and a plan that actively engages progress toward a positive future. Our clients experience the benefits of their own efforts. And the stories of self-sufficiency and success are theirs and theirs alone.
The Kitchen, Inc. is a community of services that are sourced and linked together based on individual client needs. Much like solving a puzzle, our services connect to fill in the missing pieces and bring about a complete solution for each client. This unique capability creates the greatest opportunity for individuals to overcome barriers, establish self-sufficiency and ultimately flourish within the Springfield and Southwest Missouri communities.



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The Kitchen, Inc
1630 N Jefferson Ave
Springfield, MO 65803
(417) 837-1500
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