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THE FEDORA CLUB is a men-only organization with exclusive membership based on qualifying stipulations and interviews with the reigning Counsel. All membership rights are at the complete consideration of the leadership.

The Fedora Club is a social band of brothers united by a spirit of fraternity, a heart toward charity, and a passion for mischief.



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The Fedora Club
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Harmony House Fundraiser
Harmony House Fundraiser

THE FEDORA CLUB has organized this fundraiser for Harmony House, a domestic care organization helping families in abusive situations. This Scavenger is a city wide search with thousands of dollars in prizes!
We will start at Jordan Valley Park @ 2:30 PM to announce rules and hand out clue sheets. The Grand Prize goes to the team who either finishes first (hahaha), or the team that returns by 5:30 with the most items located. Teams can be 2-4, which is your own decision, but all teams will pay a $50 entry fee which goes to Harmony House. It's up to you to determine "more prizes, or more brains?"

As of this moment, the Grand Prize will consist of AT LEAST these prizes:
50” flat screen TV
Two - $50 Gas Cards from Kum & Go = $100 (from CUT’N COVER lawn service)
Bowling for 4
$50 Gift Certificate to Jim’s Steakhouse
Two Custom Art Pieces in your choice of colors from CROSS CREATIONS $175-$350
Two 1-hour massages from THE HIP JOINT = $130

The second and third prizes will come from these prizes:
$25 Gift Certificate (+ $75 in Merchandise) from IN THE GARDEN OF EDEN
2-hour studio time at SMILEY RECORDS + logo hats
$90 Wine Basket provided by HEIM-YOUNG & ASSOCIATES
Applebee’s Gift Certificate
Sonicare toothbrush & Upper and Lower Whitening trays with gel from McKOWEN FAMILY DENTAL worth $300
(Second will get to choose 3, Third will get the remainder.
The 2-hour studio time will be a prize identified by entrants as people that would be interested. We want this prize to go to people who could use it. )

(It would help if you could let us know in a pre-notification email to - and those that will prepay AFTER THE SYSTEM IS ESTABLISHED AND NOTED HERE IN THIS EVENT PAGE, will receive a chance at an extra prize.)

Aren't those prizes amazing!? So, GOOD LUCK to everyone, and we will rock Springvegas with this one!!!

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Follow us on Facebook for upcoming events!