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Magers Management Company combines form and function with a creative vision and value-added touch to design properties that maximize business value for the user, foster a sense of community and enhance the physical experience and environment for our tenants, their employees and customers. Knowing how powerfully the marketplace rewards new ideas, we approach each project as an opportunity to create imaginative and customer-identified space that is essential to the location, the market, and the community.



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Magers Management
2776 S. Campbell
Springfield, MO 65807
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Magers Crossing
Magers Crossing

Magers Crossing Mix-Use Development

At the heart of the transforming of West Republic Road in Springfield, Missouri, Magers Crossing is poised to become a vibrant culinary, retail, entertainment and commercial district in West Springfield. Magers crossing provides select spaces for creative office tenants to incubate the next generation of Springfield businesses. We encourage you to look around and discover Magers Crossing, Springfield’s premier mixed-use, curated shopping center.

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Battlefield Marketplace
Battlefield Marketplace
The Importance of Location

You hear it all the time, location is king when it comes to real estate.  In terms of where you open your business, location is equally important. Not only do you need a place that fills your company’s needs, you also need a location that attracts and makes customers feel confident in your business.

Here are a few things to consider when pondering locations for your new business venture:

  1. Easy access for potential customers and clients.
  2. Plenty of parking with easy access to your company’s entrance.
  3. If your business model relies on foot traffic, then make sure you’re in a well-visited area.
  4. Make sure there is adequate lighting in parking and entry areas.
  5. If growth is the plan, then make sure there is room to expand.
  6. Make sure that the demographic in the area matches your ideal client or customer.
  7. Make sure there aren’t too many similar businesses in the area.
  8. Check the reputation of the area and surrounding neighborhoods.

Starting a new business is always an exciting adventure, but it is also a stressful one. By selecting the perfect location, you can help mitigate your risk and set yourself up for success for years to come.