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No matter what kind of timeshare you have, our timeshare relief lawyers can assist you in ending your ownership so that you can get out from under the burden of maintenance fees and start putting your money to better use. We find that our clients fall into two basic groups: 

Group 1

Hate their timeshare, feel they were tricked or lied to, regret purchasing it, seldom use it, and just want out.

Group 2

Enjoyed their timeshare and made memories there, but no longer have the disposable income to afford it or are not physically able to use it anymore, and just want out.

Regardless of which group you fall under, we are here to help you end your timeshare ownership, once and for all. Our legal practice is specifically dedicated to helping people free themselves from timeshares, and we’ve put together a great deal of strategies and developed an influence throughout the timeshare industry that we can put to use for you. Often, no litigation is necessary, and we will be able to end your ownership quickly with little fuss. Other cases may require us to be more assertive and, in these instances, we welcome the opportunity to be your voice and protect you from the billion-dollar timeshare industry. Either way, the result will be the same – when we are through, you will never have to pay another maintenance fee again.

We charge a one-time flat fee and, thereafter, the buck stops here. We will never stop working on your case until you are out of your timeshare for good. There are many timeshare “exit” companies that claim they can get you out of your timeshare but, often times, they charge unnecessary fees and then refer your matter to a law firm like ours to resolve your case. These “exit” companies make a lot of promises but often end up taking consumers for thousands of dollars without providing any solution to their timeshare problem. We cut out this useless middleman, lower the fees, and get the job done. Simply put, we do what we say we’re going to do.



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Our Difference Compared To Other Timeshare Relief Companies
Our Difference Compared To Other Timeshare Relief Companies

The Simple Truth. You should NEVER have to buy another timeshare to get out of the one that you already own. There is no such thing as a timeshare “trade-in.” Murphy and Moore Timeshare Relief was created to provide timeshare exit solutions at a reasonable price with no strings.

Are You Stuck in the Timeshare Trap?

Timeshares often rely on high-pressure sales pitches to lock people into unfavorable contracts. Sometimes these pitches are disguised as investment presentations, which can be confusing if you’re new to investing, real estate, and timeshares.

While you may think it’s impossible for you to find yourself in such a situation, you might be surprised at how easy it is to get backed into a corner by a high-pressure sales person.

The following tactics can help you turn the tables on a pushy salesperson:

  1. Remove the word “maybe” from your vocabulary. This word is the same as “yes” in a salesperson’s mind.
  2. Tell them that you will not be making a decision on the spot, no matter what kind of time limit they put on the deal.
  3. Insist on taking information about the deal home so that your attorney can inspect it. If they don’t want to allow this, then you should immediately walk away. 

If  you’ve already fallen into the timeshare trap, and need help breaking free, give us a call. We know exactly what to do and have a solid track record of helping people get out from under their unwanted timeshare.