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At Axis Rejuvenation, we offer safe, effective solutions for men suffering with low testosterone that address many of the psychological and physical symptoms caused by this medical condition. Centrally located outside the main gate of Ft. Leonard Wood, our facility caters to the needs of men, with treatments designed to help increase your muscle mass, sharpen your memory and concentration, boost your libido, and improve your energy levels.

Our doctors and experienced team of professionals can answer any of your questions about low testosterone and testosterone replacement therapy. Whether you’re experiencing the signs of low testosterone, want to know your testosterone levels, or need more information on how we help increase your testosterone, request your appointment today.

We also offer minor cosmetic procedures for women, including Botox and lip injections.



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Axis Rejuvenation
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Botox Is for everyone, Including Men!


Some people think that Botox is only for women, but this is far from the truth. Plenty of men use Botox and it’s just as effective in reducing wrinkles and helping to prevent new ones from forming. In reality, using Botox is no different than other things men do to look and feel their best, like go to the gym, use supplements, or cover the gray in their hair. If you think of it in these terms, Botox is just one more thing you can do to look younger and feel better – just like your gym membership! Here are some more common myths about Botox we wish to dispel today.

Using Botox is embarrassing

Most people don’t want anyone to know that they’ve used Botox, but there’s no need to be embarrassed. Using Botox is more popular than ever and as accepted as any other anti-aging, wrinkle-fighting tool on the market.


Botox is for vain people, isn’t it?

Everyone wants to look their best, and that isn’t vanity. In fact, when you look your best, you feel more confident. This directly impacts your quality of life and work performance. Botox can be the edge you need to feel like yourself, confident, and capable.


Botox is a tool that can help both men and women look and feel their best – it’s that simple. It’s no different than buying flattering clothes, going to the gym, or using anti-wrinkle cream around your eyes – it just lasts longer! So before you say no to Botox, think about all the other things you’re doing to look and feel great and you just might change your mind!