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Welcome to Our House at House of Hope Ministries:

  • Transitional Home for Women

  • Faith-Based Recovery Programs

  • Parenting and Life-Skills


House of Hope Mission

We are women committed to staying free from incarceration, addiction, domestic violence, homelessness, and other life-controlling issues. We support other women in making and maintaining this same commitment. Additionally, we assist women involved in House of Hope Ministries in developing the tools and life-skills necessary to become productive citizens: We support House of Hope women in reestablishing their family relationships and child custody as well as in employment and permanent housing. House of Hope helps build God-fearing women, nurturing mothers, and good neighbors who give back to society. 



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House of Hope Ministries
510 W. Silsby
Springfield, MO 65807
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Get Involved
Get Involved

Volunteering: Volunteer opportunities abound at House of Hope. Whatever talents God has entrusted you with can be returned to Him by your volunteering on behalf of our women. Carpentry, painting, yardwork, tutoring, bookkeeping, legal counsel: you name it, we can use it!

Meeting Needs: Many of our women arrive at our doorstep with battered dreams and a suitcase—nothing more. Food items, cleaning supplies, children’s clothes and toys: just about everything wholesome that you need in your house is needed in our house.

Donate: Donations of any amount are cheerfully, gratefully, and humbly accepted. Feel free to make a monetary donation using the link below. If you are moved to give a substantial donation, keep in mind that House of Hope is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization, so your gift would be tax-deductible. 

A Letter from House of Hope Ministries  Executive Director, Ann Tompkins
A Letter from House of Hope Ministries Executive Director, Ann Tompkins

Welcome to House of Hope Ministries of Springfield (HoH), a place where hope sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible! Women come to House of Hope seeking shelter from the world’s many storms. But, more than receive shelter, House of Hope women are supported in their present needs and empowered in overcoming their troubled pasts: through our Spirit-centered recovery and education programs, House of Hope women learn the skills needed to rebuild broken lives and to look forward, in faith, to brighter futures.