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For over two decades, Cherry Health Center has always utilized the most advanced diagnostic technology available in order to accurately assess your concerns. When you’re in pain, getting the right treatment is what is most important. Whether it is a simple strain or a chronic disc problem, we will locate the cause of your problem and prescribe the best treatment plan for you. We are advanced, but we are also conservative. Only safe and effective techniques are used, so you can concentrate on getting better without any dangerous side effects. Our goal is to relieve the source of your pain, so you can start enjoying a pain-free life.




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Natural, safe, and effective relief from headache pain


Get relief from neck pain


Treatment For Back Pain


Say goodbye to sciatica pain once and for all

Surgery Isn’t the Only Option

From back injuries or degenerative issues to arthritis, many people are living with pain each and every day. Fortunately, there are non-invasive solutions to pain that allow you to address the cause of your pain, not simply mask the pain with medication.

Our treatments are natural, effective, and safe options that have the ability to offer you the true relief you deserve. Some of the tools we have to help you include:

Physical Therapy

Chiropractic Care

Spinal Decompression

Pain Management

Pressure Wave Therapy

These treatment options can help resolve many physical sources of pain including back, neck, knee, and joint injuries along with other types of pain and mobility issues. Even if you’ve been told that you need surgery, we may be able to offer you a non-invasive alternative treatment plan.

To determine the right course of treatment for you, our professional medical staff examines you and creates a treatment plan for your unique situation.

If you’re tired of living with pain, and want to find non-surgical solutions for your problem, we want to hear from you. Don’t live with pain, let us help you conquer it!