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For over two decades, Cherry Health Center has always utilized the most advanced diagnostic technology available in order to accurately assess your concerns. When you’re in pain, getting the right treatment is what is most important. Whether it is a simple strain or a chronic disc problem, we will locate the cause of your problem and prescribe the best treatment plan for you. We are advanced, but we are also conservative. Only safe and effective techniques are used, so you can concentrate on getting better without any dangerous side effects. Our goal is to relieve the source of your pain, so you can start enjoying a pain-free life.




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Enjoy your activities, minus the injury

 Being active is great, but sometimes those activities come with a price. Sports injuries are an unfortunate problem that can quickly take away the fun and prevent you from doing the things you love.

So what can you do to prevent sports injuries?

     Get help from a pro whenever you’re learning a new sport. This is a good way of limiting errors that lead to injury.

     Make sure you have the right equipment for whatever sport you take up. This includes good running shoes and appropriate safety equipment.

     Warm up before doing any type of physical activity. A few minutes of movement and stretching goes a long way toward preventing unnecessary injury.

     Don’t overdo it! It’s tempting to jump into a new activity with both feet, but if you’re new to any sport, or generally not very active, this can lead to injury.

Don’t let today’s injury turn into pain that follows you five, ten, or more years down the road. So if you have a sports injury, or had one in the past that is still causing problems, we can help. Give us a call today to schedule a consultation!