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For over two decades, Cherry Health Center has always utilized the most advanced diagnostic technology available in order to accurately assess your concerns. When you’re in pain, getting the right treatment is what is most important. Whether it is a simple strain or a chronic disc problem, we will locate the cause of your problem and prescribe the best treatment plan for you. We are advanced, but we are also conservative. Only safe and effective techniques are used, so you can concentrate on getting better without any dangerous side effects. Our goal is to relieve the source of your pain, so you can start enjoying a pain-free life.




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Simple Ways to Prevent Back Pain

Back pain is something almost everyone has experienced in life. It is even one of the most mentioned reasons for visiting the doctor or staying home from work. While pain relievers and good old-fashioned rest help, there are steps you can take to stop back pain from happening period. Here are some ways you can help prevent back pain from occurring:

     Exercise. Walking, swimming, and squats move your lower back and relieve and prevent pain. Pull-ups and deadlifts also build strong back muscles. Don’t overdo it by adding too much weight or doing too many reps. This will cause more harm than good!

     Good posture. Stand straight so you do not overstrain your spine. Bad posture constricts your joints, muscles, blood vessels, and discs. Improve your posture by having your head, shoulders, and knees in a straight line, with your chest forward and high.