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Pinnacle Shores 

One of Table Rock Lake’s most desired luxury communities is Pinnacle Shores. Located just minutes from Kimberling City and Branson, homes within this gated community have access to one of the best areas of Table Rock Lake.

Within the Pinnacle Shores development, you’ll find three residential areas:  the Estates, the Cottages, and the Lodges. Each area within the development has the same access to community-wide amenities. Lot sizes and building requirements will vary according to the section you choose. Boat slips are available for purchase with some lots.

The homes within Pinnacle Shores have been built by Jay Steed Homes. Jay Steed Homes is the premiere builder of luxury homes in the Table Rock Lake area.



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Pinnacle Shores
129 Pinnacle Shores Drive
Lampe, MO 65681
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3 Questions to Ask Before Building Your Home

There are so many options to consider when building a home, but the location might be the most important of all. Here are some questions to ask before committing to a site for your dream home:

1. Will the location work for you in all seasons?

 You might love the winding road or charming hills, but will you love it during winter? It’s important to consider how the site will look in all seasons before making your final decision.

2. Will the commute grow old?

A long commute might not bother you now, but it might become a problem as your life changes. For instance, if you plan on having a family, a 40-minute commute might stretch into an hour or more if you have to drop off kids.

3. Will the location be inconvenient to others?

You might enjoy the thought of a house in the woods, but will others be able to visit you? If you like having friends and family over, you’ll want to consider how convenient your home will be for them to visit.

You can’t “remodel” your location, so give yourself time to think it all through. After all, your home is usually the biggest investment you make.