Duckees Drive Thru

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Duckees Drive Thru 

Duckees is the only drive-thru convenience store in the area. Without even getting out of your vehicle, get your snacks, food, drinks, and alcohol! Stock up on gas here before heading out to the lake, because our prices are always cheaper than marina prices



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Duckees Drive Thru
12042 State Hwy 13
Kimberling City, MO 65686
(417) 739-5081
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Drive up and through Duckees, purchase your snacks, food, drinks, and alcohol, all without ever having to leave your vehicle.

Great Barbecue Drinks

At a barbecue, the food is not the only important part of the menu. You need great drinks as well! The ideal barbecue drink not only complements the food, but also refreshes you on those hot summer days.

For those who enjoy alcohol with their barbecue, go for a sweet beer or fruity wine. Their sweetness not only balances the meat, but also illuminates the spice if the drink and the meat both contain pepper. If you wish to skip the alcohol for the big meal, soda such as root beer has the right amount of sweetness for barbecued meats. Sweet tea and lemonade are traditional favorites that work as too, especially for the younger members of your family!