Duckees Drive Thru

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Duckees Drive Thru 

Duckees is the only drive-thru convenience store in the area. Without even getting out of your vehicle, get your snacks, food, drinks, and alcohol! Stock up on gas here before heading out to the lake, because our prices are always cheaper than marina prices



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Duckees Drive Thru
12042 State Hwy 13
Kimberling City, MO 65686
(417) 739-5081
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Drive up and through Duckees, purchase your snacks, food, drinks, and alcohol, all without ever having to leave your vehicle.

Spring Break Road Trip Snacks

Hitting the road with your children for spring break? Don’t forget about road trip snacks! The best snacks are packed with vitamins and nutrients to make up for the lack of movement during the drive! Here are some good suggestions for healthy road trip snacks:

     Granola bars can be heavy on the sugar, but many are not. Several brands are actually high in fiber and protein!

     String cheese sticks are excellent sources of calcium and other nutrients & vitamins. With some brands, you can even eat a couple string cheese sticks and not consume many calories or fat.

     Nuts may be high in fat, but they are excellent sources of protein. Eat small portions, and you will be good to go!