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Bridge View Coffee Bar 

Bridge View Coffee Bar offers breathtaking views of Table Rock Lake in an upscale, quaint environment.

From fresh coffee beans that are freshly ground, to fresh ingredients in our food, we pledge that what we offer is as fresh as possible. Our food is also seasonal and fresh, with heart-healthy and vegan options.

Besides coffee, Bridge View Coffee Bar offer chai tea, lattes, fresh fruit smoothies, and bottled drinks. What we offer won't just perk you up, it will make your entire day!




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Bridge View Coffee Bar
11863 State Hwy 13
Kimberling City, MO 65686
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The Difference Between Espresso & Americano

As wonderful as coffee is, many people prefer stronger drinks like espresso and americano. Even the biggest fans of espresso and americano, though, may not know what the difference between the two is. Technically, they are still coffee and both espresso, which accounts for the confusion!

Espresso is not made from a different kind of coffee bean or roast. The term refers to how the coffee is made. It is actually a coffee beverage made by forcing hot, high-pressure water through the coffee grounds. On the other hand, Americano is made with espresso. However it contains more hot water in order to dilute the strong taste. It is stronger than typical coffee, but not as strong as regular espresso. Come on in and taste the difference soon!

Bridge View Coffee Bar, with breathtaking views of Table Rock Lake in an upscale, quaint environment.