Bridge View Coffee Bar

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Bridge View Coffee Bar 

Bridge View Coffee Bar offers breathtaking views of Table Rock Lake in an upscale, quaint environment.

From fresh coffee beans that are freshly ground, to fresh ingredients in our food, we pledge that what we offer is as fresh as possible. Our food is also seasonal and fresh, with heart-healthy and vegan options.

Besides coffee, Bridge View Coffee Bar offer chai tea, lattes, fresh fruit smoothies, and bottled drinks. What we offer won't just perk you up, it will make your entire day!




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Bridge View Coffee Bar
11863 State Hwy 13
Kimberling City, MO 65686
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How Real Fruit Smoothies Benefit You

When the weather warms up, a nice cold drink is just what we need to stay cool. Too often, though, we gravitate towards sugary sodas or juices that are not very healthy. Not only can too much sugar give you acne, but it can also give you wrinkles and saggy skin. You need something that is good for your skin and delicious too.

Try smoothies made with real, fresh fruit. Fruits contain essential vitamins and minerals that we need in our daily diet, and a smoothie is an easy way to make sure we get enough fruit. Smoothies made with fruit tend to contain less sugar and fewer artificial ingredients, making them an even healthier option. They are also versatile, working as breakfast, a dessert, or even a snack. Since smoothies are typically made with milk or yogurt, you even get an extra boost of calcium with fresh fruit smoothies!

Bridge View Coffee Bar, with breathtaking views of Table Rock Lake in an upscale, quaint environment.