Bridge View Coffee Bar

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Bridge View Coffee Bar 

Bridge View Coffee Bar offers breathtaking views of Table Rock Lake in an upscale, quaint environment.

From fresh coffee beans that are freshly ground, to fresh ingredients in our food, we pledge that what we offer is as fresh as possible. Our food is also seasonal and fresh, with heart-healthy and vegan options.

Besides coffee, Bridge View Coffee Bar offer chai tea, lattes, fresh fruit smoothies, and bottled drinks. What we offer won't just perk you up, it will make your entire day!




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Bridge View Coffee Bar
11863 State Hwy 13
Kimberling City, MO 65686
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Coffee Health Benefits

Concerned that drinking coffee is harming your health? Actually, there are many benefits to moderate coffee drinking!

     It can increase your calcium intake. When you pass up sugar, creamers, and sweeteners in favor of milk in your coffee, you add calcium to your body. This keeps your teeth and bones strong!

     You reduce your diabetes risk. Coffee contains chlorogenic acid, which reduces concentration of blood sugar in your intestines. This diminishes your chances of developing diabetes.

     Lowers chances of getting liver cancer. By reducing your chances of diabetes, moderate coffee drinking also hinders the odds of you developing diseases caused by diabetes. This includes liver cancer!

Bridge View Coffee Bar, with breathtaking views of Table Rock Lake in an upscale, quaint environment.