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The Rocks Lakeside offers a terrific lake view along with great American bar food and excellent summer entertainment. Beginning Memorial Day Weekend, enjoy live music every weekend throughout the summer until the middle of September. We are open each day of the week, so you can count on delicious food and a great time no matter which day you visit.

Located adjacent to the restaurant is The Rocks Resort. When you book a room at the hotel or rent a cottage, you are just a convenient and short walk away from everything exciting going on at The Rocks Lakeside!



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The Rocks Lakeside
12051 State Highway 13
Kimberling City, MO 65686
(417) 739-4440
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A great lakeside venue that features great American Bar food and great summer entertainment. NFL Sunday Ticket !! Open till the last game...

The Hamburger Enigma

Have you ever wondered where the hamburger came from? It turns out to be very mysterious, but we do know that in the 1600s ships from a port in Hamburg, Germany made minced beef patties, like mini-hamburgers. This was carried on by German ships for hundreds of years.  In fact, we know that in the 1850s German Hamburg-Amerika boats served Hamburg-beef, which was minced and formed into patties very much like a hamburger.

It was in the early 1800s when ground beef became known as “hamburger” and something called the Hamburg beefsteak was sold from 1871-1884 in San Fernando. But are these really hamburgers like we know them today?

Well there is a legend regarding Charlie Nagreen in Seymour, Wisconsin, who had a food stand outside the Outagamie County fair in 1885. He realized that his meatballs were hard for people to eat so he started putting them between bread slices of bread. This became popular and people started calling him Hamburger Charlie.


While we may never know where the hamburger actually came from, we do know how to make a mean one. So if you’d like to come over and ponder the legend of the burger, we’ve got a treat for you!