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The Rocks Lakeside offers a terrific lake view along with great American bar food and excellent summer entertainment. Beginning Memorial Day Weekend, enjoy live music every weekend throughout the summer until the middle of September. We are open each day of the week, so you can count on delicious food and a great time no matter which day you visit.

Located adjacent to the restaurant is The Rocks Resort. When you book a room at the hotel or rent a cottage, you are just a convenient and short walk away from everything exciting going on at The Rocks Lakeside!



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The Rocks Lakeside
12051 State Highway 13
Kimberling City, MO 65686
(417) 739-4440
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A great lakeside venue that features great American Bar food and great summer entertainment. NFL Sunday Ticket !! Open till the last game...

Nachos – The Origin Story

Nachos. We know them. We love them. In fact we can’t get enough of them, which is why we were wondering where these tasty little treats came from. Turns out, they are a very patriotic dish with an interesting history.

While most people likely think of nachos as a dish served at Mexican restaurants, they were actually created for U.S. military wives during World War II. As legend has it, a group of army wives from Eagle Pass, Texas often went to the nearby Mexican town of Piedras Negras. During one of these trips they went to a restaurant named the Victoria Club. The chef was out, leaving the maître d’ named Ignacio Anaya to whip up something on the spot.

He fried up some tortilla chips, topped them with cheese and jalapeño, and made history. Named after Ignacio himself, whose nickname was Nacho, this delicious dish has evolved over the years. Now you can get them at ballparks, fairs, fast food joints, and restaurant of all types, including ours.

If you’re tired of reading about nachos and ready to eat some, we’ve got you covered with loaded nachos and BBQ nachos. Check out our menu and head on over.