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Marshfield Chevrolet 

So much has changed since 1926. That’s when Marshfield Motor Company was founded as the very first Chevrolet Dealership serving the entire Southwest Missouri Region!  We are a family-owned dealership that began with one very simple principle: provide people with the very best automobiles at the very best value and lowest cost, and always treat each customer with the highest degree of respect! 

Since we started, we’ve brought to Southwest Missouri and beyond an amazing selection of cars, trucks, and SUVs. We’ve served tens of thousands of families, and we’ve grown into a dealership that offers a huge selection of hundreds of new and pre-owned Chevrolets! We provide our customers with automobiles that represent the highest standards of quality and technology! Quality is assured with a 100,000 mile/5 year powertrain warranty. The latest technology brings you vehicles that lead the industry in gas mileage, safety, and reliability. 

However, two very important things have not changed over all of these years. Not only are we still family-owned, but our highest priority is still providing every single customer both a great deal & a great deal of respect!



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Marshfield Chevrolet
14963 State Highway 38
Marshfield, MO 65706
(417) 859-2312
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Save Money on Vehicle Maintenance

Whether your vehicle is new or used, you want it to last several years. An easy way to make sure you get your money’s worth when purchasing a vehicle is to perform regular maintenance. Maintenance can be anything from having your oil changed regularly to replacing tires after a certain number of miles. If you don’t have these services done at the appropriate time, you can run into serious issues. These issues range from your vehicle breaking down or your tires blowing out and damaging your vehicle. 

While maintenance does cost money, it is much cheaper than buying a replacement vehicle sooner than you need to. We also offer service specials to make it easier for you to get the necessary work done. Save money on services like oil changes, brake pad installation, and tire rotations here. These offers expire soon, so take advantage of these offers while you can! 

Marshfield Chevrolet serves all of Southwest Missouri and beyond! In addition to our well known reputation as the low price leader, we are proud of our commitment to unmatched customer service!