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Glassman Corporation

Founded in 1946 as Ed Glassman Plumbing & Heating, owner Ed Glassman built the fledgling business into one of the area’s busiest mechanical contracting firms. After working for Ed since 1946, Joseph’s father, Adolph, and his partner, Charles Staab, purchased the business in 1972 and renamed it Glassman/Staab Inc.

Following in his father’s footsteps, Joe Glassman opened Glassman Climate Control in Russell, Kansas in 1980. In 1985 he purchased his father’s business, merged it into Glassman Climate Control, and moved the company from Russell to Hays. With the expanding scope of Glassman’s building and mechanical services, the name changed to Glassman Corporation in 1991.

In 2011, the company moved into a new 31,000 square-foot campus housing and administration building and a large production, fabrication, and inventory control facility. The facility is one-of-a-kind in Kansas.

Today, Glassman Corporation is a multi-million dollar company employing nearly 100 people, including pipefitters, plumbers, mechanical service technicians, estimators, sales engineers, sheet metal fabricators, and administrative professionals. Our size allows us to be competitive and deliver high-quality products and services to our customers. Our location allows us to remain centrally located in the heart of the Midwest, close to our roots and the people who have helped us grow.



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Glassman Corporation
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It is the mission of Glassman Corporation to be the most dependable and respected plumbing and mechanical systems provider in our market area. A friendly, knowledgeable, and professional staff will deliver to our customers’ top performance based upon a tradition of quality, value, and trust.

Heating Safety


Every year we hear tragic stories of house fires and carbon monoxide deaths that could have been prevented with a little extra precaution. So, before the heating season is upon us, we want to encourage everyone to take the following safety measures.

1. Fireplace safety – If you use a fireplace, hire a professional to check the safety of your fireplace, inside and out, as well as clean it.

2. Install fire detectors – You should make sure that your home has enough fire detectors. If you have fire detectors, check their batteries several times throughout the heating season.

3. Install carbon monoxide detectors – These lifesaving devices will alert your family to the presence of carbon monoxide. If you already have them, check their batteries several times throughout the heating season.

4. Buy fire extinguishers – Every home should have a few fire extinguishers, preferably the ultra-versatile ABC style. If you already have them, make sure they are still fully functional.

Join us in helping prevent tragedies this winter by making sure your home is as safe as possible. Learn more about fire safety from the American Red Cross or the National Fire Protection Agency.