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On September 13, 2006, despite the fact that it was Friday the 13th, Courtney & Mills, LLC opened its doors for business. Our firm consists of two attorneys—Ann Mills and Chad Courtney, along with three support staff. In the 10+ years since that day, we have chosen to remain a small firm so that we can form a personal relationship with you. This allows us to have a better understanding of your needs.

From us, you can expect an atmosphere where you will be educated about the law as it applies to your case. We provide options so you understand the paths your case may take. We also provide resolutions you can live with, while knowing sometimes the only resolution is to allow a judge to decide the issues.


Practice Areas: Divorce Law, Family Law, Business Law, Personal Injury



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What to Anticipate in a Contested Divorce

When spouses fail to agree to the terms of their divorce, the case must then go to court. Before the scheduled court date, each party must exchange considerable amounts of information to prepare for the trial. This process is called discovery. Here are some key parts of discovery you can expect:

     Interrogatories - questions posed by one party to the other. The recipient must answer the questions within 30 days.

     The List of Marital Property and Debt - names all items purchased or acquired during the marriage, including their current market value, and any debt accumulated throughout the marriage.

     The List of Non-Marital Property and Debt - details all the items or debt you or your spouse brought into the marriage or acquired by inheritance during the marriage.

     Depositions - sessions where a witness is under oath and must answer all questions. A court reporter documents the entire sessions. Depositions include not just the parties in the case, but also any important witnesses.

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