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On September 13, 2006, despite the fact that it was Friday the 13th, Courtney & Mills, LLC opened its doors for business. Our firm consists of two attorneys—Ann Mills and Chad Courtney, along with three support staff. In the 10+ years since that day, we have chosen to remain a small firm so that we can form a personal relationship with you. This allows us to have a better understanding of your needs.

From us, you can expect an atmosphere where you will be educated about the law as it applies to your case. We provide options so you understand the paths your case may take. We also provide resolutions you can live with, while knowing sometimes the only resolution is to allow a judge to decide the issues.


Practice Areas: Divorce Law, Family Law, Business Law, Personal Injury



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Divorce When Children Are Affected

In Missouri, when a divorce involves children, it is required for each parent to take a course called Children First to learn about co-parenting after divorce. This is a valuable program designed to guide parents to work with their former spouse to parent together successfully after divorce. Here is a list of the providers for the program:

Family Court

1111 Boonville, Suite 5

Springfield, MO

(417) 831-1505



1736 E Sunshine, Suite 309

Plaza Towers

Springfield, MO

(417) 883-8400


Children First

1300 Bradford Parkway

Burrell Center

Springfield, MO

(417) 269-7275



1550 E. Battlefield, Suite A

Galleria Shopping Center

Springfield, MO

(417) 869-9011


To learn more about what happens in a divorce when children are involved, please visit here. Remember to call us at (417) 869-9888 or (888) 844-7518 for any further questions you may have!

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