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Tiffany Ellis of Solace Body Solutions became a Licensed Massage Therapist in April 2001 and now practices as an Esthetician at Innovations Salon in Springfield, MO. Previously, she had her own practice specializing in Sports Massage and Deep Tissue. Business and On-Site Chair Massage is also an area she enjoys.

While massage is still a large part of her practice, Tiffany has become an area leader in waxing. She even travels the country to teach, going everywhere from Las Vegas and Chicago to New York and Florida. Her expertise lies in both female and male Brazilian waxing, where she has gone through additional training to perform these procedures in as painless a way as possible.

Tiffany also recently joined an elite ranking as a Skin Blends Educator, specializing in Waxing and Custom Facials. Her facials are nearly always customized to her individual client's needs. She  uses a range of masks and collagen facial blankets. Add-ons include peels, dermaplaning, and more!


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Halloween Face Painting Precautions

Planning on painting your face or your child’s face for Halloween? Because you are putting materials on your face, you need to be extra cautious with what you use. Not only could you harm your skin if you are not careful, but you could make yourself sick too! Follow these tips for a safe and great face painting experience for Halloween:

     Not all glitter is the same.  Avoid metallic glitter for face painting. Instead, make sure you use glitter made from polyester and with extremely small particles. The smaller, the better!

     Use the right paint. Do not be confused with paints labeled non-toxic. The phrase is not synonymous with “good to put on your skin.” Make sure you use paint that is specifically labeled for face usage to keep from damaging your skin!


     Clean the brush properly. Wash with soap and water, or with official face painting cleaner. Using generic alcohol upsets sensitive skin, and can get into your eyes. Getting that into your eyes not only hurts, but can be bad for you too!

Look at these lashes!
Look at these lashes!
Before and After
Before and After