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NMI-VMG is the collaboration of two of the most reputable agencies in Springfield, Missouri.  Nichols Media, Inc. and Vietti Marketing Group was born out of the long-term relationship between Rich Nichols and Tammy Vietti.  Their combined experience lends to over 40+ years in the advertising industry.

NMI-VMG’s unique method of buying ensures that each client will get the absolute most value for their advertising budget.  In addition, each client gets the buying power of an agency that purchases media for companies all over the country.

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Easy Ways to Update Your Skills

No matter how skilled you are at your job, your industry can change often. Just look at the differences within the advertising industry from decades ago to now. Whereas once newspapers and television were the biggest ways to market, now advertisers have to know how to place ads in apps and on websites too. Even if you started in the industry just ten years ago, so much has changed that requires you to update your skills. Here are some simple ways to improve your skills and your standing within your company:

     Community colleges can be useful even if you already have a degree. These classes often center around computers, business, and writing. They don’t cost much, and many can be taken for credit or audited.

     Workshops happen several times a year in most cities. They can be a class offered by a learning annex, an event hosted by a business networking group, or even a visiting guest speaker.

     Reading and researching on the Internet is likely the easiest way to freshen up your skillset. The Internet does have a reputation for featuring useless content, but there is great and substantial content out there. You can read articles, research topics, watch tutorials, and maybe even find free classes!