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Since 2011, Vietti Marketing Group has helped businesses of all sizes increase their profits. You don't need a big budget to start marketing, and we can show you how. With our knowledge, we have everything it takes for your business to succeed - regardless of how the economy is doing!

The founder, Tammy Vietti, is formerly an award-winning account representative for a Springfield television with extensive experience placing media and attracting new business. She is also a successful business owner with large growth in multiple venues. Also on staff are people with decades of experience in ads, production, web development, social media, media buying, and many other services virtually guaranteed to grow your business!



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Customer Service Still Matters

Cost and convenience matters, but so does the experience. Modern consumers expect to have it all and those companies that provide it are the ones that are winning the game. With brick and mortar stores fighting against both local and non-local companies online, customer service can be a defining part of their overall business strategy.

So how can you make your customers happy enough to keep coming back to you instead of your competitors? Here are some easy tips to get you started on the path to customer service excellence. 

1. Greet people that come in your store with a friendly welcome, but don’t hover over them.

2. Make sure that everyone is answering your phone promptly with a standard, friendly greeting.

3. Work to avoid situations that create long lines, long waits, and other inconvenient situations.

4. Review your return policy to make sure that it is customer friendly without hurting your profits. Remember, you’re up against companies that have extreme flexibility in this area.

5. When possible, great people with their name as they check out.

6. Look for ways to encourage repeat business. A customer loyalty program or a returning customer coupon are simple ways to say “thanks” while getting people to return.

7. Look for ways to stand out among your competition by offering extras. Could you offer tea or water in your waiting area or retail space? Could you provide curb-side delivery of items bought online or over the phone?