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NMI-VMG is the collaboration of two of the most reputable agencies in Springfield, Missouri.  Nichols Media, Inc. and Vietti Marketing Group was born out of the long-term relationship between Rich Nichols and Tammy Vietti.  Their combined experience lends to over 40+ years in the advertising industry.

NMI-VMG’s unique method of buying ensures that each client will get the absolute most value for their advertising budget.  In addition, each client gets the buying power of an agency that purchases media for companies all over the country.

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How to Avoid Email Fatigue

An email marketing campaign is a useful and cost-efficient way to reach people already curious about your business. You avoid postage and printing costs, and many programs are free or relatively cheap. However, messaging your potential customers too often leads to email fatigue. Email fatigue refers to when your business annoys and burns out your customers by sending them too many emails.

To avoid this email fatigue, respect your customers’ wishes. If they signed up for a monthly newsletter, then do not ever send them emails more than once a month. If they receive too many emails, then they may mark you as spam. Too many spam notifications may cause your email marketing program to block your company’s IP address from sending further emails through them! Make sure your business also balances how much it markets and how much it informs. Special email-only promotions get them into your business and improve your campaign’s open rate, but they should not be all you do. Too many promotions may turn people off and cause them to unsubscribe from your campaign. Mix in general tips and information to avoid potential fatigue.