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NMI-VMG is the collaboration of two of the most reputable agencies in Springfield, Missouri.  Nichols Media, Inc. and Vietti Marketing Group was born out of the long-term relationship between Rich Nichols and Tammy Vietti.  Their combined experience lends to over 40+ years in the advertising industry.

NMI-VMG’s unique method of buying ensures that each client will get the absolute most value for their advertising budget.  In addition, each client gets the buying power of an agency that purchases media for companies all over the country.

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Black Friday Tips

 Black Friday shopping is coming up! If you have your own retail business, then this is a very busy time of year for you. Here are several of our tips for preparing for this hectic shopping period:

     Make sure your holiday hours are clearly marked on your social media pages. If you are opening your store early on Black Friday, or even on Thanksgiving night, then you want people to show up to make the extra time worth it. Do the same if you are extending your hours Friday night.

     Promote your Black Friday sale the weekend before the holiday. This should do enough to build anticipation. You do not necessarily need to say what the exact sale is. Simply let people know your store is doing something big for Black Friday to get them through the door.

     Have plenty of staff on hand. If you find yourself swamped with traffic, then you want to have enough employees working that shift. You can always send some staff home if you end up not needing as much help, but it is better to be safe than sorry!