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Take on our Wild Animal Safari from the comfort of your own vehicle, or go along with our Complimentary Bus tour led by an Animal Safari Tour Guide. Experience the 3.5 mile Drive-Thru and all that it has to offer over 250 acres! Come face to face with a Camel, or hand feed an American Bison. You’ll be able to see Elk and Water Buffalo running free. Tigers, Hyenas and Zebras are just a few of the animals that you’ll see on your safari!

Serengeti Adventure

A drive through animal park will bring you face to face with exotic animals from around the world. Ride in the park’s guided Zebra Bus (seasonal), rent a Zebra Van or drive your own car. Winding through 200 acres of natural environment on 3 1/2 miles of paved road, you will have a chance to touch a Giraffe, come face to face with American Bison, and see many other animals from all over the world in a natural setting. Have you ever seen a Nilgai, Black Buck Antelope, Watusi or North American Elk? After your safari through the drive through section, you’ll be able to tell your family and friends you have!

Tour Buses

One trip through the Park on the Guided Tour Bus is included in your individual ticket price during certain times of the year. Buses do not run year-round so please check the calendar page for specific dates on bus availability. Trip time is approximately one hour.
The bus schedule varies with the season, but it is posted on site when you arrive. A Group (with a minimum of 20 people in one party) requires advanced reservation for a Guided Tour Bus for their group. There is an additional charge for private bus rental. We are sorry but we cannot guarantee seating on our regular Guided Tour Buses.

Stroll The Animal Park

Hop out of the car and take a stroll through our Walk-About. This is more like a traditional zoo experience. Here you will find some of the smaller, friendlier animals! You can take a moment and gaze at the Lemurs as they jump around and leap from rope to rope. See the beautiful Peacock spread his feathers and show off for you! Throughout the Walk-About you will be able to feed more animals and even pet them as they come up to you. Hand feed such animals like Alpacas!

Zebra Van Rentals

Don’t want to bring your own vehicle through? Then how about driving through the park in wild style by renting one of our Zebra Vans!

  • Zebra MiniVan (small van) holds 7 passengers for $20.00 (Effective January 1, 2012)
  • Zebra Van (large van) holds 15 passengers for $22.00 (Effective January 1, 2012)

Zebra vans are rented on a first come, first serve basis. We do not take reservations for the zebra vans. Vans are rented for one trip through the park with a one-hour time limit. Please note the driver must be 21 and have valid driver’s license and insurance card.

Safari Cafe

The animals aren’t the only ones who enjoy the food at Wild Animal Safari . You’ll enjoy the wide range of top quality food prepared promptly at the Safari Cafe. They offer delicious Noble Romans and Tuscanos (pizzas and subs), hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken and more at prices comparable to area fast-food restaurants. A comfortable dining area is available or you may wish to take your meal out to a nearby picnic table.

Wild Animal Gift Shop

Before you go inside the park and come face to face with the animals, you may need to pick up a ‘Slobber Towel’ ...just in case! You can do so in our Gift Shop. ‘Slobber Towels’ and T-shirts are just a few of the things that you can pick up at the Gift Shop. Numerous souvenirs and gifts are available for you to purchase and remember the experience that you had at Wild Animal Safari. Pick up your favorite stuffed animal of any size, or a play set for the kids.



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Wild Animal Safari - Georgia
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Winter Fun at Wild Animal Safari!

Winter is still a terrific season at Wild Animal Safari! The park is open year-round, and our animals always enjoy seeing guests. Take a look at these reviews to find out just how much of an adventure a journey to Wild Animal Safari is.

“We had the best time!! It was well worth the 2.5 hour drive!! We will be back!” - Brianna G.

“It is great being able to hand feed the animals.” - Brian P.

“This was so much fun, get the big bag of food! The animals come right on up to your window[...]they were amazing.” - Becky L.

“We drove through and it was a blast, would come again and recommend buying the biggest bag of food.” - Joyce S.

“Had an absolutely amazing experience with some animals you don’t see everyday, who look to be well taken care of. Great to bring family along and I recommend [renting] vans to protect your vehicles.” - Kelly P.

Looking to read more reviews and recommendations like this before you bring your family? Check out our Facebook page, and then be sure to order your discount tickets through our website at least a day before your visit!