Wild Animal Safari

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Take on our Wild Animal Safari from the comfort of your own vehicle, or go along with our Complimentary Bus tour lead by an Animal Safari Tour Guide. Experience the 5 mile Drive-Thru and all that it has to offer over 350 acres! Come face to face with a Camel or an American Bison. You’ll be able to see Elk, Water Buffalo and Wildebeest running free. Tigers, Hyenas and Zebra are just a few of the animals that you’ll see on your safari!

A drive through animal park that you can also hop out of the car and take a stroll through our winding path and the walk-about. Here you will find some of the smaller animals, or the more friendly! You can take a moment and gaze at the Lemurs as they jump around and leap from rope to rope. See the beautiful Peacock spread his feathers and show off for you! Then, walk through the winding path where you will be able to feed more animals and even pet them as they come up to you. From our bus you can feed a Four-Horned Sheep, an Alpaca, Zedonk, or even a Wallaby.

Before you go inside the park and come face to face with the animals, You may need to pick up a ‘Slobber Towel’ ...just in-case! You can do so in our Gift Shop at The Outpost. ‘Slobber Towels’ and T-shirts are just a few of the things that you can pick up at the Outpost. Numerous souvenirs and gifts are available for you to purchase and remember the experience that you had at Wild Animal Safari. Pick up your favorite stuffed animal of any size, or a play set for the kids.

Before, during or after your visit to our park, you should grab a bit to eat! Our safari grill offers inexpensive and tasty classics: Burgers, Hot Dogs, Pizza, Wings, Chicken Tenders, Fries, Mozzarella Sticks, Onion Rings and more! Grab yourself something to eat, cool off with a nice refreshment and then get back to the animal safari.



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Wild Animal Safari
124 Jungle Drive
Strafford, MO 65757
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Buy One Ticket, Get One Free!

Is your new year’s resolution to budget better, yet still have fun? Wild Animal Safari has a deal for you! All month long, tickets are buy one get one FREE when purchased at the gate. Since adult tickets are $22.95, you can save up to $22.95 with your ticket purchase before tax!

Despite it being winter, there is still so much to see and do at the park. There is a baby capuchin monkey living in the gift shop, and in the drive-thru you can take a look at a baby zebra! On days with weather permitting, you can also find out how much our baby giraffe Blossom has grown. She’s definitely sprouting like a weed!

Ready to come have a fantastic time on a budget? The buy one get one FREE offer is good all throughout January. Keep in mind that this offer is valid only on tickets purchased at the gate. It cannot be purchased online or combined with our online discount offers. See you soon, and happy new year.